Sharing the Levelset

Now that you have created your levelset, you probably would like to share it! Luckily, ReTux makes this easy to do, both for you and for anyone who wants to play your levelset.

Table of Contents

  1. Localizing the Files
  2. Exporting the Levelset

Localizing the Files

The first thing you need to do is "localize" all of your files: move them from the "data" directory in your ReTux directory to your personal config directory (found under "~/.config/retux", where "~" is your personal home or user directory). In short, this enables ReTux to know which files are not standard parts of ReTux, so that only your custom files are included.

ReTux includes a tool to make this process easier: a script called "". Simply run this script the same way you would run ReTux and choose the files you wish to localize. You will probably have to run the script more than once. Make sure to use this script on all of your custom files, but not on any files that came packaged with ReTux.

If you accidentally localized a file you shouldn't have, or want to bring back a file to the global space for further editing, you can use the included "" script. This will move selected files from your personal config directory to your ReTux directory.

Exporting the Levelset

Once your files have been localized, you can export your levelset from the "Export Levelset" entry in the "Options" menu. This will create a ".rtz" file which you can share with others; they can install the file by choosing "Import Levelset" from the "Options" menu.

Before distributing the file, you may want to ensure that all custom files were included. To do this, simply change the extension of the file from ".rtz" to ".zip", open it, and check its contents. If any files are missing, ensure that the files have been localized, and if they have, edit the levelset file to indicate the missing files in the "include_files" list. Then export the levelset again.

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