Defining the Levelset

Once you have defined the levels, worldmaps, and timelines, there is only one thing left to do: actually define what the levelset is.

A levelset in ReTux is defined by a standard JSON file located in data/levelsets. It contains an object with the following keys:

  • "name": A string indicating the name of the levelset, as shown in the levelset selection list.
  • "start_cutscene" (optional): A string indicating a level file located in data/levels to start before showing the game for the first time.
  • "worldmap" (optional): A string indicating the worldmap file located in data/worldmaps to start the game on. If unspecified, the levels are simply played in sequence.
  • "levels": An array of strings indicating level files located in data/levels which are the levels (excluding extra sub-levels) used in this levelset. This information is used to ascertain how much of the levelset is completed as well as to preload levels before the start of the game at the player's option. Additionally, if no worldmap is defined, this array indicates what levels are to be played, and in what order.
  • "tuxdolls_available" (optional): An array of strings indicating level files located in data/levels which are the primary level files of levels containing Tux dolls. This information is used to make it possible for ReTux to ascertain what percentage of Tux dolls have been collected if the player chooses to skip preloading. If this is not defined, a player who skips preloading will not be able to reliably know how many Tux dolls are remaining. As such, while this list is technically optional, defining it is highly recommended.
  • "include_files" (optional): An array of strings indicating extra files that are needed by the levelset, but not a part of the standard ReTux data. It is unnecessary to list level and worldmap files. It is also unnecessary to list music and timeline files which are directly indicated by level or worldmap properties. Any other files which are not a part of the standard ReTux data must be listed here. Failing to list a file which needs to be listed will not affect your personal experience playing the levelset, but it will cause the levelset to not work correctly on other people's ReTux installations if you depend on ReTux's level export feature.

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