Purchase ReTux

You can purchase ReTux using the following link (where you can also order a physical copy on a CD):


If you would rather use Bitcoin to pay, please send me an email, and we'll work it out from there.

You can also purchase and download ReTux from itch.io or Game Jolt if you prefer:

Of course, since ReTux is libre, it is perfectly legal and legitimate for people other than me to distribute the game, and some people have done so. While I will not advertise for unofficial distributions, I fully condone and appreciate them as long as the terms of the GNU GPL are followed. Copying is an act of love. :)

If you have obtained a copy of ReTux from someone else and enjoyed the game, please consider showing your support by sending some money to my PayPal account (onpon4@riseup.net), or to my public Bitcoin address (bitcoin:1Ko772jMW2ZDXaPT4Pi9VYi8612eSXCxfU). I cannot guarantee that my use of money from such a donation will be for any particular purpose, but every dollar you send me is a dollar I don't have to earn from my day job, and that means more time that I can spend working on projects such as this one.

Download ReTux

These files are encrypted 7z archives. You need a program such as 7-zip to extract them. You also need the password to decrypt them. You can obtain the password by purchasing ReTux (see above).

Older releases of ReTux are also available in the releases directory. The password needed to decrypt them is the same.

Additional (Unofficial) Levels

A list of additional, unofficial levels made by players is maintained here.